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Launching and managing a successful online or hybrid program is about more than just out-shouting the competition. Our approach to university solutions is focused on engaging quality students, using our proven methodology and adapting our best practices to help us and our partners reach mutual goals.

The AC Formula. It’s a set of proven methodologies and technology that fluidly adjusts to how students are actually engaging with your program today. Our media and marketing plans are proactive and data driven, with the goal of creating a student engagement experience that distinctively reflects your university’s brand and academic standards.

We offer flexible partnerships, including full-service bundles like a traditional OPM, as well as unbundled and fee-for-service pricing, giving you the power to determine how our services can best help achieve your goals.

Our University Solutions

We handle the heavy lifting of marketing, recruitment, course development and student support, but you know your brand and program best. You will collaborate directly with our editorial, research, design, marketing strategy, course development and enrollment teams to ensure that everything we create on your behalf will be informed and enhanced by your knowledge and ideas.

Discover more about each of our services below.

New Program Viability Analysis.Our successful history with top-ranked universities has been driven by insights into market demand and student expectations. We combine our internal expertise with research from a range of proprietary and third-party databases, including IPEDS and career databases such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Burning Glass. Using both employer and graduation data provides visibility and guidance to align an existing program with the skills students need for their careers and how competitive offerings compare to yours.

Our in-house research team will assess the viability of your new program and proactively recommend enhancements to ensure its long-term success. We consult on a range of factors, such as identifying curriculum enhancements like new courses or concentration development opportunities when we see gaps in the market.
Upskilling With Certificate Program Design & Development (Non-Credit).When we think about the future of learning, we think of flexibility — giving students more options for how, when and where they want to pursue education. Likewise, it’s critical to have an eye toward employer’s rapidly evolving skills gaps and marrying an educational offering to meet their needs.

Non-credit certificate programs and short courses offer a faster and more focused way for people to get key skills for their careers. As interest for non-degree and other skills-training programs dynamically intensifies, we will partner with you to build cutting-edge programs from the ground up.

We create a robust curriculum blueprint for your certificate program, mapping assignments to the specific core competencies and learning objectives you want your students to develop. From there, we connect our instructional designers with your subject matter experts to create engaging learning experiences.

And, through our research-backed, iterative approach, we’ll help you anticipate the market’s interest with the ideal certificate program offering.
Course Design & Development (For-Credit).Our course design and development approach starts with your vision. We work with your subject matter experts to identify the key learning objectives and assessment strategies for their course, and our instructional designers build varied, multimedia course content to accomplish your goals and keep your students engaged.

Throughout the process, we’ll work with you to ensure the curriculum and course content aligns with your desired learning objectives and that students receive a quality of education at the highest standard.
Marketing & RecruitmentOur marketing and recruitment strategy takes our proven methodology to determine where and how to best attract quality students and then adapts and adjusts, in real-time, to actual prospective student behavior.

Our specialists in paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing and social media are collaborative, creative thinkers who are insatiably curious and eager to match their approach based on actual performance data, as well as qualitative insights from other teams, our partners and prospective students.

Whether it be career data from our research team or prospective student feedback from our enrollment team, we’ve programmed data-inspired agility directly into our approach.
Creative Content & Design Services.From email campaigns to comprehensive program websites, our in-house editorial and design teams are experienced in developing a full suite of marketing materials, while integrating creativity with quantitative insights throughout their work.

Our road-tested creative approach aligns with your university’s brand to build authentic messages that consistently connect. In-house design and content services teams follow our proven playbook for success, applying ongoing A/B testing, search marketing insights and behavioral research to keep prospective students engaged.
Employer PartnershipsWe promote your program to our network of employer partners, including over 4,000 companies and organizations across 60 industries — reaching more than 20 million working professionals. Our business development team will also target new employer partners that align with your program offerings to add to our portfolio. Our proprietary network will generate highly qualified applicants with AllCampus supplementing the cost of tuition* which serves AC’s mission to make higher education more affordable, more accessible, and more equitable for all.

We bolster the impact of our workplace network with dedicated sales and marketing support. Our team develops recruitment materials specific to prospective students through our employer partnerships, including website content and flyers to attract initial interest as well as a comprehensive email nurturing campaign to guide them through the admissions process.
Enrollment ServicesYou can expect your AllCampus enrollment specialist to become such an integral part of your team that you’ll forget they aren’t a university employee. We roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in your program, staff and culture. Our specialists never speak from scripts, just their passions, genuinely bonding with students to inspire connections that reflect your on-campus culture and that boost your retention rates. Student & Retention Services Attracting motivated students is only the first step. Providing them with the support they need to reach their goals is also critical to long-term success.

Our retention process begins with coaching before classes start so that students have the appropriate expectation of the academic rigor and time commitment needed for success. We also encourage students to build support from within their own network of friends and family. And, we monitor for signals that they may be at risk of dropping classes or taking a leave of absence, allowing our retention team to proactively help students navigate their future.
Program Consulting It is critical to stay ahead of the trends in the rapidly evolving higher education landscape. Throughout our partnership, our in-house research team will provide updated competitive intelligence and analysis, offering recommendations on everything from admissions to curricular adjustments and enhancements. Our research team can also work in close coordination with our marketing experts to develop research surveys for accepted students and graduates to gain insight into student behavior, challenges, and preferences.

Plotting your long-term future in the dynamic virtual space requires trust and open communication. We will always lead you down the path we believe will be most fruitful, and we’ll always be candid with you, welcoming the same honesty in return.

*For revenue share partnerships only

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