New Program Viability

Each AllCampus partnership begins with a comprehensive program and labor market analysis, helping you identify opportunities and reveal strengths against your competition to expand your reach.

We draw on our experience working with numerous programs and institutions in conjunction with timely market analysis and insights from our research team to give you a complete picture of where you stand versus your peers — then we help you get ahead.

Program Analysis

Using a variety of data sources, including IPEDs and online search interest data, our experts assess program elements ranging from overall structure to specific concentration offerings. In addition to our quantitative data, our in-house methodology considers qualitative information, like your program’s learning outcomes, to uncover insights that go beyond descriptive analysis.

Some of the factors we consider include:

  • Institutional expertise
  • Regional and national competitiveness
  • Curriculum benchmarking
  • Graduation and acceptance rates
  • Student performance
  • Competitive marketing messaging analysis
  • School brand strength
  • Competitive saturation
  • Tuition comparisons
  • University, college and program rankings
  • Admission requirement competition
  • Standardized test requirements and waivers
  • Residency requirements of competitors

Labor Market Analysis

Our research team draws on a wide range of databases, trusted industry reports and other resources to understand the labor market for students completing your program. In addition to federal data sources like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we leverage real-time labor analytics through Burning Glass, bringing deeper context to high-level salary and employment data.

This allows us to drill down into the finer details of virtually any field and look into employer demand for your specific program as well as the volume of jobs that require skills aligning with your curriculum. Are there emerging skills your program doesn’t currently teach but should consider? We advise on that too.

Some of the factors we examine include:

  • Employer demand
  • Key skills graduates will need to be competitive in the field
  • Career growth potential
  • Importance of other credentials, such as professional certification

Once we’ve assessed the career and competitive program landscape, our research analysts share their insights and collaborate with you to determine the best path for meeting your enrollment goals and ensuring your program’s long-term future.

Our measured and analytical approach to vetting new programs empowers our partners to adapt to a changing labor market and proactively meet the needs of students. Contact us to assess your program’s viability and begin to think strategically about achieving lasting growth.