Program Consulting

An Eye for Opportunity, a Partner for Results.

You’re here because you want to maximize your potential and influence in the sphere of online education. We thoroughly research the market and see great opportunities in many areas. We will openly explore them with you to determine if they suit your objectives.

We have nearly a decade of experience building and promoting online programs for the nation’s top universities, so we’re uniquely positioned to give you the best strategies and recommendations in the industry. Our extensive portfolio and comprehensive data give us a 30,000-foot view of the higher education market, and we use our data-inspired approach to bring more quality students into your programs.

A Beneficial, Long-term Partnership.

As your online program consultant, we hope to build a multi-year partnership by pairing closely with your faculty and other subject matter experts to get an inside-out understanding of your program and your school as a whole. By appreciating your institution’s history, outlook, goals and strengths, we’re able to develop customized recommendations based on our current data, market observations and projections.

We Advise, You Decide.

We strategically gather information from a variety of sources — from the market, from student surveys and faculty interviews, from our analysis and social listening tools, just to name a few — and combine it with our proven methodologies we call the AC Formula to find new opportunities and recommend adjustments to your programs as needed.

If we spot a way to improve one of your current offerings, we’ll let you know. We’ll help you build on the program’s strengths and develop a marketing and recruitment strategy to meet your enrollment targets. We keep you informed every step of the way so you can make the best strategic and financial decisions to grow your program and respond to the market’s needs.

Program Design Down to the Smallest Details.

Need help with the big ideas? What about the fine print? AllCampus directs you to the right choices for concerns big and small. We offer the best support in the industry to assist you with make-or-break decisions, such as:

  • Learning objectives and outcomes
  • Program names, structure and curriculum content
  • Course development and design
  • Admissions requirements, processes and deadlines
  • Tuition and pricing
  • Marketing and recruitment strategy

Recruit Your Students the Smart Way.

We employ a comprehensive mix of digital advertising, content creation and prospect nurturing, all tailored to embody your institution’s unique voice and support its short- and long-term goals. Our continual optimization efforts, our market oversight and the AC Formula bring the distinctive quality of your physical campus to your virtual classrooms.

Help With All the Little Things.

Your institution’s unique needs call for a customized consulting approach. Creating a full vision for the next five years? Need help prioritizing which concentrations to offer? We’ve got your back.

Our expertise has helped partners improve areas as varied as staffing, student services, the application process and pain points for students and prospects. We can assist with operational improvements, marketing strategy tweaks and more — all to keep your program and institution going strong.

What will your next move be? We’ll bring the insights to achieve your vision.

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