Creative Services

We Work Creatively So You Can Focus On Your Students.

First impressions matter, and they mean even more when your audience is planning to make a significant investment in your program. At AllCampus, we build digital experiences that get prospects’ attention and keep them actively engaged until they’re ready to start class.

Our in-house editorial and design teams immerse themselves in your university’s brand, learning the delicate nuances of your institution’s visual guidelines and voice. We integrate our proven marketing and recruitment methodology to build a full suite of creative materials, and our creative teams have developed robust marketing for some of the most renowned institutions in higher education.

The AllCampus Edge: Concise Content With a Creative Flourish.

  • Authentic content that pops. Through sharp, personal copy, we highlight the unique experience of your programs without gimmicks or false promises. Instead, we couple our creativity with your expertise to help your program stand out and genuinely showcase your institution’s values.
  • Adaptable designs to fit your needs. We design responsive, easy-to-use websites and other collateral from the ground up incorporating our tried and true best practices. From page layouts to imagery choices, our design team optimizes our creative based on a decade of continuous research and A/B testing.

With experience writing for many of the same industries your programs prepare students to enter, our in-house writers and editors are also adept researchers, equally comfortable navigating career databases and scholarly papers as they are writing the perfect headline.

Our design team leverages data and user experience research through every step of the process. We’ve rigorously tested layouts, imagery, headlines, body content, styling conventions and just about every other element on a webpage so that our creative continuously evolves and is optimized throughout the entirety of our partnerships.

Our Creative Services

Both our content and design teams enjoy working together to figure out the perfect combination of content, layout and imagery. We also draw on your expertise and our interviews with faculty to add unique content, imagery and other visual elements so that your influence and perspective is felt in the creative materials and distinctly yours.

From digital advertising to email marketing, some of our creative services include:

  • Responsive landing pages for paid advertising campaigns
  • Search-optimized, in-depth program websites
  • Comprehensive, personalized email nurturing campaigns
  • Fully designed program brochures
  • Social media and other digital advertising channels
  • Traditional media, including out-of-home ads to radio spots
  • SEO-driven blog articles
  • Thought leadership content featuring your faculty or students
  • Continuous A/B, multivariate and split URL testing

We Bring Online Programs to Life & Nurture Their Growth.

Authentic, data-inspired content and design drive engagement and create high quality digital experiences. That’s our specialty. Because we work collaboratively throughout our process, our partners trust us to act as stewards for their brands, handling the heavy lifting of creative content and design development for their programs. With the perfect combination of your expertise and our creative marketing savvy, we create assets that amplify your ideas and elevate your program’s position in the market.

Contact us to learn more about our creative work and how we can help give your programs a creative marketing edge.