Technology-Driven Solutions Across the Service Spectrum

Data: Why We Love It and How We Deploy It

We’re passionate creative types who geek out over data. It may seem like an odd combo, but it’s who we really are and a winning formula for our clients. Whether we’re employing innovative market research techniques, fine-tuning our enrollment analytics platform, or engaging in robust creative collateral testing—data matters at All Campus.

Our digital analytics expertise is broad and deep. It extends across departments and informs everything that we do. Our experts not only possess analytical wizardry, but also higher education marketing savvy.

They’ve developed a sophisticated, in-house database that enables All Campus to automatically extract information from publicly-available resources to conduct exceptionally accurate market research and gain valuable insights into program viability.

Our Proprietary Analytics Platform

Once a program is up and running, our proprietary marketing and enrollment analytics platform provides us with deep conversion metrics as well as real-time student enrollment projections. These insights guide our decisions, strategies and actions and enable us to optimize every marketing campaign and fine-tune our enrollment services from start to finish.

Our platform aggregates data from numerous sources including the full arsenal of best-in-class commercial software that All Campus deploys to help ensure that we capture maximum market share for each online program.

The Creative Edge

At All Campus, there’s no divide between science and creativity. We harness both for continuous improvement. To this end, our creative output is subject to exhaustive ongoing testing and analysis to determine which elements deliver results.

These are just a few of the ways that we put our creativity and technology prowess to work to ensure the successful launch and ongoing success of each and every online program that we manage.