Pricing Models

Efficient Operations Means Flexible Pricing.

Our mission is to make higher education more affordable. By design, we’ve built our business around making smarter decisions more efficiently than the competition. For our revenue-sharing agreements, this means thoughtful structures and plans that enable us to offer a better value than our competitors without sacrificing the quality of our services.

With our fee-for-service agreements, we’ll work with you to create a multi-year plan, mapping out our long-term strategy to build a sustainable and highly successful program.

We even offer the flexibility of a hybrid model combining the most attractive elements of a traditional agency model with one that’s incentive-based. Regardless of the financial structure, every project we complete will have the data-inspired, collaborative approach that defines all of our services.

Pricing Model Comparison

Traditional Revenue Share Hybrid Traditional Higher Education Agency (Fee-for-Service)
  • We handle all the upfront costs to promote and recruit for your program(s).
  • Full suite of university services, optimized for long-term growth.
  • Fully adaptable, based on your needs and prospective student engagement.
  • Instructional design and course development (optional)
  • The best of both an incentive-based model and a traditional higher education agency model.
  • You invest in your program(s) up front, while AllCampus is incentivized for performance.
  • You handle the upfront investment, and we maximize the value of every dollar spent.
  • Flexible services, bundled together to match your goals.
  • Planned deliverables, aligned with a customized services portfolio and strategy.
  • Instructional design and course development

Questions about how we’d work together? Get in touch with us, and we’ll walk you through our packages.