Upskilling Program Design & Development.

By 2030, it’s estimated that 6 million skilled jobs could go unfilled due to a lack of qualified talent. Students now have the power to access world-class higher education from anywhere. Beyond the unprecedented amount of choice as to where they learn, top educators are providing that same level of flexibility in terms of how they learn.

Upskilling degrees and credentials supplement traditional degrees, are affordable and fit the dynamic skills gaps identified by employers.

AllCampus helps the world’s best higher education institutions design and develop online non-credit certificate programs that serve a rapidly growing population of students while maintaining the highest standards for instruction and achievement.

A survey of U.S. adults who don’t hold a post-secondary degree found that those who had earned a certificate or certification were more likely to see value in their educational path and be employed full-time, in addition to earning a 50% higher median salary.
Source: Gallup, Strada Education Network and the Lumina Foundation

Your Expert Partner in Non-Credit Certificate Program Design & Development.

AllCampus integrates our expertise and resources with your goals and knowledge, helping you stay ahead of the highly fluid world of micro-credentials. We deliver the comprehensive support and resources you need to realize your vision. Our marketing, enrollment and instructional design experts work with university stakeholders to get your program off the ground and plan for long-term success.

When you partner with AllCampus to develop a certificate program, we provide:

  • In-depth research into growth opportunities for non-credit certificates and other micro-credentials
  • Guidance to build offerings that combine faculty expertise with value and convenience
  • Dedicated enrollment counselors who understand your unique brand, programs and students
  • Customized digital marketing strategies and creative assets
  • Established employer partnerships with top organizations
  • Instructional design services
  • Turnkey program registration support and payment capabilities

Upskilling for the Future of Work.

AllCampus helps its partners develop and promote a range of online certificate and upskilling opportunities that align with the employment market to make a meaningful impact in students’ lives.

AllCampus applies the lessons we’ve learned from years of successful marketing, recruitment and retention for top-ranked programs to make the most of these possibilities. We leverage our analytical insights and field-tested processes to help you successfully expand into upskilling programs that fit your university’s academic strengths and brand.

It takes innovative thinking and technical savvy for institutions to excel in a changing landscape for employment and education. Contact us to discuss how non-credit certificates could fit into your university’s portfolio of online learning options.