Student & Retention Services

Sustainable Student Success Is Our Solution.

At AllCampus, student retention begins with knowing your program and finding students that will excel within it. The market for online education continues to grow, and attracting an increasingly diverse group of learners is just the beginning.

We provide personalized support throughout students’ academic careers. Once qualified applicants make it through the admissions process, our student services and retention teams continue building professional relationships that help them succeed in your program and plan for their futures. When we see the successes of students we recruit, the difference is clear:

90%: The median retention rate among all master’s students recruited by AC

When Your Students Succeed, We Do Too.

Online and hybrid students need just as much support — if not more — as they would on campus full-time, but they may not be aware of the comprehensive suite of university services available to them.

By building relationships with prospective students early on, our team can help students plan their course schedules as well as develop time management and organizational skills to balance their personal, professional and academic responsibilities.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how the following student and retention services can bolster your program offerings.

Admissions Counseling

Our partnerships are driven by student success. Before classes begin, we collaborate with each student to establish their objectives for completing the program, ensuring they’re prepared to handle the time and energy commitments required.

We help students get the best of what your university has to offer with our goal-driven and people-focused approach, so your students can complete their coursework with confidence, focus and a clear vision for what success looks like.

Attendance & Assignment Monitoring

With access to a school’s learning management system, we use real-time data to monitor for risk factors like a sudden drop in class attendance, which often signals a student might need some help.

Because we develop relationships with students in the admissions process, we are well-positioned to proactively reach out and offer support. Perceived roadblocks shouldn’t prohibit students from reaching their goals. Whether they need help planning what classes to take next or need to talk through a big career choice, we are there to guide them.

Course Registration Outreach & Support

For busy professionals, course registration can be a daunting task. Students need to consider how their decisions will impact their marketability, how best to navigate their course of study from one semester to the next and how to balance their course load among other commitments.

We work with each student to devise a plan of study that meets program completion requirements and sets students on track to join your alumni network.

At-Risk Counseling

Each student’s educational journey is unique, and that means that some students will need additional support as they run into unusual challenges and have to make difficult choices. Life happens and any number of life events can put students at risk of dropping your program.

We ensure they understand all the options they have available and work with them to find the best way forward. If a student needs to take a leave of absence, for example, we review what steps they need to take and inform them of any limitations before stepping away.

A More Compassionate Approach to Student Success.

There are some challenges analytics just can’t solve. Empowering students with confidence and helping them make decisions about their education requires a more compassionate and personal approach.

Our experience as a data-inspired organization informs our ability to attract quality students. However, it’s the patience, adaptability and compassion of our enrollment and student services teams that build lasting connections and inspire students to transform their lives.

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