AllCampus Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Workplace Education Platform

The anniversary comes on the heels of several milestones including 1,000+ programs on the platform, multiple new learning providers and nearly 170 employer partners

AllCampus LogoChicago (May 15, 2024) –– AllCampus, a leading higher education management company partnering with top employers and universities to solve their biggest workplace benefit and academic program challenges, today celebrates its Workplace Education Platform’s first anniversary. Over the last year, AllCampus’ Workplace Education Platform has seen tremendous growth, giving nearly 170 employer partners access to over 1000+ programs on the platform.

“We launched the Workplace Platform with a clear vision to serve the needs of employees, employers and our university partners all in one place. We saw a need in the market and the perfect opportunity to serve our mission with this solution. A year later, we are proud of the incredible momentum, growth and impact we have made for our employer partners and their employees” said Joe Diamond, CEO of AllCampus. “We’re looking forward to further new features in our platform that will deliver even more value to the companies we serve in helping them develop the workforce of tomorrow.”

AllCampus’ Workplace Education Platform continues to grow with the recent addition of Etech as an employer partner and several new learning providers to its AllCampus Workplace Network. New learning provider partnerships include:

  • Houston Christian University: AllCampus integrated 45 online degree programs from Houston Christian oriented toward business, education, liberal arts, engineering and IT. This partnership will help the university grow its existing online student population.
  • Upper Iowa University: AllCampus added 33 degree programs from the university to its Workplace Education Platform focused on business, social science and public administration, as well as helping expand the university’s Corporate Advantage Partnerships.
  • Fisher College: AllCampus partnered with Fisher College to add 28 technology, business and human services-centric degree programs to its Workplace Education Platform, with the majority of those programs at the associate and bachelor levels.
  • Trevecca Nazarene University: AllCampus integrated 26 degree programs from the university into its platform, with more than half of those programs at the master’s level oriented toward business, education, liberal arts and healthcare.
  • McKendree University: AllCampus added 24 online degree programs from the university to its platform that have an emphasis in the areas of nursing, healthcare and business.
  • Hilbert College: AllCampus partnered with Hilbert College to integrate 13 online degree programs from the university into its platform focused on a wide range of disciplines in an effort to increase student enrollment over the next three years.
  • Mount Vernon Nazarene University: AllCampus added 15 programs from Mount Vernon Nazarene University to the platform. As part of the partnership, MVNU offers a 12% discount on undergraduate programs and a 10% discount on graduate programs that are featured on AllCampus’s Workplace platform.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate the one-year milestone of our Workplace Education Platform launch, marking a year of helping working professionals expand their skills and further their learning,” said Jeremy Walsh, EVP of Employer Solutions at AllCampus. “With the addition of our six newest learning providers, we’re excited to offer a large number of career-aligned graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs to our workplace network, enabling millions of employees to finish their education at low to no out-of-pocket costs.”

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