Course Design & Development

Your faculty know their subject matter and the best ways to teach their students. But they also have limited time and resources to develop high-quality online courses that take full advantage of digital learning tools. To thrive in a new era of education, you need the support of a partner who’s equipped to power top-tier online programs with effective instructional design, compelling media and best practices for curriculum development.

AllCampus has the technical and industry background to create offerings that appeal to students while making a difference in their lives. Combine our knowledge with your disciplinary expertise to design and develop courses for online programs that engage students and highlight the quality of your institution. We collaborate closely with faculty throughout the course development process, ensuring these learning experiences align with student and employer needs as well as meet your university’s standards for quality and academic rigor.

You can build a course development partnership with AllCampus that fits your objectives. We offer:

  • A dedicated project manager who supports your subject matter experts and coordinates AllCampus instructional design resources throughout the course development process
  • Instructional design services focused on increasing student engagement to build skills and competencies in an online environment
  • Media services to create customized interactive learning objects (ILOs), animations, infographics and images
  • In-depth research and strategic consulting for long-term sustainability
  • Course and program enhancements based on constant monitoring and evaluation
  • Marketing to promote course offerings with custom content and design

Your Faculty’s Expertise. Our Years of Online Program Experience.

At AllCampus, we know that faculty and administrators should always lead the way when it comes to teaching. Our approach to course development is simple: define and support your goals and create online learning experiences your students will love.

As anyone who’s had to move a traditional course online knows, distance education is a complex undertaking that requires extensive cooperation to succeed. An AllCampus project manager works in tandem with instructional designers and your university’s subject matter experts by serving as the key point of contact, monitoring day-to-day progress and regularly checking in with all stakeholders. We’ll take ownership of the workflow and make strategic recommendations every step of the way.

Your online courses will benefit from our years of experience as a university services provider with some of the most prestigious names in higher education. We provide the research and planning to craft world-class online courses based on the needs of cutting-edge businesses and students who are ready to excel.

Then, we’ll help you bring them to life.

Join Us at the Forefront of Online Education.

We get to know our partners, and they trust us to advocate for their programs. Throughout the design and development process, we ensure that course content aligns with pedagogical best practices and conveys your university’s distinctive brand.

Courses may have the same learning objectives online and on campus, but it’s crucial to adapt material specifically for the unique requirements of a virtual classroom.

For example:

  • How do you strike the right balance between synchronous and asynchronous elements in teaching to make class sessions both engaging and convenient?
  • Do faculty members have the reliable tools they need to provide individualized attention and encourage productive collaboration among students on different continents?
  • Is the multimedia content included in your classes up to date, visually appealing and accessible to people with disabilities?
  • How can you bring your on-campus culture and identity to the virtual classroom?

As universities begin to chart the path toward a more flexible and sustainable future in education, we help our partners navigate the challenges of evolving student expectations and an increasingly competitive market.

Contact us to discuss how we can help develop a course catalog that brings value to students anywhere in the world.

Thinking about a non-credit certificate or upskilling/micro-credentialing program? We do that, too! Learn more about our capabilities.