New Program Viability

The Facts Behind Program Viability

Drilling into the Data

Can we make your program successful? This is the first question All Campus asks when a client considers partnering with us to manage an online program. Whether you’re launching a new program or entrusting us with an existing program, we start by drilling into the data to assess viability.

Before you sign a contract, we conduct thorough research through a proprietary process that our team has honed to a science. We employ in-house generated metrics and analytics to extract valuable insights from IPEDS, the BLS and other sources.

To determine enrollment potential, All Campus gathers and examines a broad range of data about the program, its competition, employer demand, and student supply. Among the numerous program factors we consider are tuition, brand strength, the admissions process, start date frequency, curriculum appeal, and SARA status.

The Centrality of Program Viability to the Partnership

What’s more, we share our findings! All Campus understands that an informed partner is the best partner, and our ultimate goal is a successful partnership that is built not only on our ability to produce results, but also on trust and open communication.

The second critically important question we ask is: How can we increase your program’s potential to capture maximum market share—with respect for your brand and academic standards?

If your program is market viable, we’ll help you navigate the competitive online learning environment, leveraging our expertise to provide recommendations for maximizing enrollment. We offer proven solutions to even the toughest program challenges and are tenacious in our efforts to meet enrollment projections.

Our online program management expertise combined with our partners’ insights into and passion for their program has repeatedly proved to be a potent mix.