Course Design and Development

We Share Your High Standards for Course Design and Development

All Campus offers our university partners complete instructional design, course production, and course integration support. We match the right instructional designers to your program and work in close collaboration with your faculty and/or instructional design staff to develop high-quality, engaging online courses that meet or exceed accepted pedagogical standards for online education.

All Campus has developed a three-phase process, led by a project manager, to ensure that this work is accomplished efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with both your institution’s academic standards and a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify quality online coursework.

We can take you all the way from needs assessment through integration of course content into your learning management system (LMS)—and beyond. You also can select specific services on a stand-alone basis.

Design and development support for managing your online program includes:

  • New Online Program Consulting
  • Curriculum Development
  • Course Design
  • Faculty Training
  • Program Monitoring
  • Program Evaluation and Enhancements