Online Program Management

Dedicated, Flexible Structure to Suit Your Goals

All Campus provides a flexible, customized set of online program management (OPM) services for higher education that impacts every stage of the enrollment and marketing process—from generating awareness for prospective students to enrolling them in their first term at your school and retaining them through graduation.

Our proprietary analytics platform, highly customized creative marketing services and team of higher education experts make us an online program management partner unlike any other. Read what some of our clients have said about us.

Your Partner for Online Education Programs

When we partner with an educational institution, we become an extension of the university, integrating with your brand and tailoring our services specifically for you while providing our industry-leading online program management services.

Some of the top educational institutions in the world partner with us because we understand that launching and managing a successful online education program is about more than out-spending and out-shouting the competition. Instead, we take a comprehensive approach that blends program analysis, research, recruitment and creative marketing expertise, to help the university create value for the right students.

Here’s what a partnership with All Campus means for you:

  • You maintain complete control of the courses, curriculum, and vision for the program.
  • We invest in research, marketing, and recruitment to increase enrollment, aligning with your brand to make the entire experience seamless for prospective students.
  • We develop creative marketing materials to promote the program, including brochures, website content, and more. You get to review and approve creative before it is published.
  • We test and continually improve our services for every program so that enrollment growth continues.

Why All Campus?

We’re proud to be one of the best places to work in Chicago; our dedication to our employees and their dedication to our clients translates to a higher level of service than what other OPM companies can offer. Our focus on employee retention means that everyone throughout the company develops strong, long-lasting professional relationships with each other and with our clients.

For you, this means that everyone working on your brand has an opportunity to build in-depth knowledge of your needs and what makes your school’s brand and programs unique. You won’t end up with a new advisor or client services contact every few months; the same people you meet at the beginning of the relationship with All Campus will likely be the people who’ll be working with you for years to come. And, because we handle everything in-house, all of our teams work closely together to continually optimize our strategy for getting high-quality prospects to apply for your program.

These factors, together with our proprietary technology, make our creative services and ability to exceed client expectations unmatched in the industry.

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