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Archa: CRM Features for Higher Education.

Archa puts key data about marketing campaigns, outreach activities and prospective students, and program funnel information all in one place — at your fingertips. You can tailor your dashboards to your most interesting data and take advantage of easy-to-use custom reporting to get the depth of insights you need.

With workflows already established and tailor-made for independently run university enrollment and marketing teams, Archa gives you a powerful set of features that you can start using immediately to optimize your marketing and recruitment efforts.

Executive Reporting with Drill-down Functionality.

Whether you need to look at recruitment pacing compared to last year or check your progress toward the current term’s goal at a glance, Archa makes it easy to see your key performance indicators across programs. Here are just a few of the metrics you can track and view within Archa.

Year-over-year and point-in-time performance comparisons

Projections and current term progress to goal

Custom reporting

Advisor Productivity & Outreach Tools.

Everything you should be doing and when you should be doing it with your prospects is centralized within Archa, including a prioritized view and contact details and communication features like the ability to make calls directly from the system. Here are a few of the key features that enable Archa to streamline your outreach and prospect management.

Centralized hub for prospect information, including call logs and contact details

Communication tools — such as click-to-dial and email functionality — to conduct outreach directly within Archa

Understand Your Prospects & Your Marketing Campaigns.

Archa lets you see your marketing campaign spending and performance in one place, so you can understand where your efforts provide the most value. In addition to tracking campaigns and prospects across multiple programs, here are a few of the powerful marketing features we built into Archa.

Multichannel campaign attribution

Campaign spend tracking, including cost per lead and cost per application submitted

This is just a preview of what you get out-of-the-box when you use Archa.

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