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Meet Archa
We Raised the Standards for Higher Education CRMs.

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Archa: Out-of-the-Box Features.

Simple to Use & Customize

Start using Archa and get value immediately, without needing costly customizations or IT development work.

Intuitive Workflows

Workflows built by higher education experts specifically for university marketing and enrollment teams.

Built-in Analytics

All the tools you need to track and forecast program performance, right at your fingertips.

Expertly Manage Prospects

Manage your prospective students across channels and programs. Engage them with the right outreach at the right time.

Streamlined Reporting

Easily generate custom reports and pull the data you need to make better decisions.

A Powerful, Purpose-built CRM for Higher Education.

With a company mission to make higher education more efficient, AllCampus built Archa with the philosophy that a CRM for independent university teams should be easy for anyone to use and require minimal navigation to get to the information you need. Backed by our proprietary OPM technology, Archa automatically prioritizes prospects for your outreach and helps you easily track marketing campaign performance — across multiple programs, multiple media efforts and many different points of contact.

The Higher Education Expertise Behind Archa CRM.

With our decades of experience and success working with a wide variety of universities as a leading Online Program Management (OPM) company, we realized that most CRM systems didn’t fit the needs of higher education teams — these systems were often too complex and/or took a lot of costly development time just to deliver the basic customization needed for a higher education CRM. As a result, independently run groups within universities are frequently unable to get the data they need when they need it.

AllCampus developed Archa to make the higher education CRM simpler and more effective by leveraging our experience as an OPM to build workflows and analytics capabilities tailored for higher education. When you use Archa, you get powerful features right out of the box, a straightforward interface and CRM software developed from decades of experience working with university teams from some of the nation’s best institutions.

To see a detailed list of out-of-the-box features you can get using Archa, visit our CRM features page.

The People Behind Archa.


Years Working in Higher Education


Programs Managed


Students Served

Tools to Empower Advisor Outreach.

Enrollment teams using Archa spend more time engaging prospects directly and less time managing prospect data. With out-of-the-box features like duplicate management and inquiry prioritization, your enrollment tasks are simple and streamlined.

Backed by AllCampus’ proprietary OPM algorithm, Archa intuitively and automatically prioritizes which prospects should be contacted, helping you quickly find upselling opportunities and identify prospects who’ve re-engaged with your organization.

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Centralized Marketing Campaign Insights.

Archa can help you track performance at every stage of the marketing funnel and optimize your spending. By making it easy to see metrics like cost per lead, cost per application submitted and other KPIs, you can identify your highest performing channels quickly and easily make adjustments.

You can also track which campaigns and content your prospects have interacted with the most to ensure that you’re communicating the right messages and using the most impactful channels.

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Understand Team & Program Performance Like Never Before.

Archa gives you everything you need to empower your teams and identify potential issues before they become problems.

Not only can you easily make year-over-year performance comparisons, you can see all-time performance for specific programs as well as look at individual terms. If you do identify an issue, Archa’s drill-down functionality helps you investigate it quickly and manage your team to take action.

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