Jeff Goldberg

Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering, University of Arizona

As a professor, Jeff Goldberg became a renowned engineering educator and administrator. As a higher education administrator, Jeff helped to transform the brands of engineering colleges and invested heavily in online education through his support of strategies for student recruitment, retainment and engineering education.

Jeff serves as emeritus dean and emeritus professor of systems and industrial engineering for the University of Arizona’s College of Engineering. He previously served as special advisor to the president. Jeff brings significant professional and academic experience to these roles including designing emergency response systems in more than 10 metropolitan areas in North America. He co-led some of the earliest online learning initiatives at the College of Engineering and is also responsible for developing high school-to-college engineering programming that now serves as a national model.

Jeff holds a PhD in engineering from the University of Michigan. He also earned his bachelor’s and master’s in engineering from Cornell University.

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